“ Thaw large plenum has arrived and been tuned for my Condor .22....It is not for just 250 onward as advertised. This Regulator returns the peak performance of your un-regulated gun with the advantages of a regulator. Mine is now tuned at 150bar for the Hades .22 producing a very consistent 40fpe. up to the Exact Jumbo Monster 25gr producing a consistent 47fpe all with just a simple change to the Hammer tension Power Wheel. If you wish to just shoot the heavier 25-30gr pellets or slugs setting the regulator to 170-180 Bar would be advised to attain approx 925fps (50fpe). My Condor .22 is now performing as I had always dreamed it would. I have never been happier and recommend to all....Fantastic job PCPTunes. „
“ Regulator delivered quickly but at a price. The unit itself appears well-made and durable, unlike the original one fitted to the RM8. The best feature is the shot consistency of power/pressure which is the main reason I ordered it due to the Walther Rotex version being quite poor in this respect. Fewer shots per fill is noticeable due no doubt to the rifle's increased power. I now have a rifle that is consistent within its power band which inspires confidence resulting in much improved accuracy. Overall I'm please with my purchase and would recommend this to anyone who is currently not sure. „
“ The Regulator was delivered within only 3 days from Mumbai to Germany. The assembly was easy and fast. The change in power impessive. 3 thumbs up for the team and the regulator. If I ever need to change the O-rings, I´ll contact you. „
“ This Airforce Texan Regulator with Dual Gauge V1 is very well finished and works pervekt. It is placed on the gunpower texan 308 with the original air tank 0.5 liter filled to 250 bar bullet 160 gr regulator adjusted to 190 bar bullet speed 252 ms + - 2 ms here can your 8 good shots participate very satisfied with this product and very fast delivery thank you „
“ Fit to Benjamin pistol adapter perfect and sound down to a puff.Benjamin pistol is not loud stock but now doing pesting there will be no noise in confined areas.Very happy. „
“ Good product and fit well to ordered moderator but threads where right going onto barrel shroud.Had to use pliers to tighten down.Juat a puff once moderator put on.Very pleased. „
Robert from AZ 01/04/2019 Hi-Flow Valve with Assembly Gen 2
“ Got my high flow valve and angled tank adapter today and just finished installing it. Fast shipping, and that angled adapter is nice. Much easier to aim and hold steady. Gave it the 3500 pound test out back with a 2x4. 43 grain went clean threw and into the tree with a 10/13 setting. Also got the parts to fix my factory valve with the high flow valve. 95 hammer and back to the factory spring. Valve didn't like that heavy spring, broke the bushing in half and the bushing spring looked drunk. Learned some things messing with these valves. „
“ I am the customer it was made for, it was made for my jkhan 9mm Majesty, it works perfect and the quality is great, super fast shipping. Funny I'm finally leaving this review 1and a half years after buying it. Great work „
“ Hi ! I just received the regulator and the repair kit (hammer , spring guide and spring) and it works great. The only problem that i had was with the spring guide because it was to long and the mechanism could not be armed , after i cut off about 13 mm everything works great ! „
“ Alles Super, bis auf den Zoll in Leipzig. Da wirst du wie ein Verbrecher behandelt, Nach gefüllten 20 E-Mail. 57,18€ Zoll Nachzahlung ???? „
“ Die Ware ist sehr sehr gut / bestens verarbeitet / ausgezeichnete Qualität / Top Leistung / sehr schnelle Lieferung / muss man weiter Empfehlen starkes Team vielen Dank  „
“ I've just fitted one of these values to my 6 year old gun power stealth and it's completely transformed my rifle. Brilliant service and a beautifully engineered valve .. „
“ Sehr saubere Arbeit / beste Qualität / sehr gute Leistung / schnelle Lieferung / muß man weiter Empfehlen alles korrekt :-) Vielen Dank  „
“ This is absolutely fantastic. So many more shots per fill and extremely consisitent. Like all the stuff here, it is very well made and does what it says. It could be improved by adding a filling valve dust cover to it but I guess this would put the cost up. They could add a cheap rubber one but then I guess many people would swap it for their custom one. I would anyway as they are so much better and will last a lifetime, unlike the cheap rubber ones. Anyway, this product completely transforms airforce airguns. „
“ Fitted perfect to my LG400. I fill up maximum, depend what pressure my scuba bottle gives. This were a big pleasure for me. Good design on the quickfill. „
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